Great opportunity to become our guest.

If you wanna write some blogs for us, then here’s the opportunity, make your dream true.

We fitnessloud supports every quality writer to write for us, and we publish those if it matches our requirements.

That’s why the most important thing you have to do is carefully follow our below-mentioned guidelines.

Here are the guidelines which you have to follow strictly to publish your article: –

  1. We mainly focus on fitness basis topics.
  2. Always write impactful lines which will easily attract the readers.
  3. Write the actual facts, not the mind-making facts.
  4. We don’t need high-quality SEO, but obviously, you have to maintain the standard SEO guidelines.
  5. Write contents between 1200 to 1500 words.
  6. Choose a title that will attract every reader for the first time
  7. Choose 2 to 3 long-tail keywords and use each of them thrice in the whole content.
  8. You can add any of our article’s link, which is only published on our website, don’t put any other competitor’s link.
  9. Always use subheadings and bullet points in your content.
  10. Don’t write a paragraph of more than 300 words, and write hardly two paragraphs under one subheading.
  11. Finish the article with a proper ending note so that readers get impressed and wait for your next content.

What we never published?

  1. A content that is not on the fitness basis topics.
  2. An article that doesn’t have an impactful introduction and conclusion.
  3. Any content which we already covered.
  4. Your content should be published on any other website, not even on your own social media profiles.

Increase your chance to get published your article: –

  • Follow all the guidelines as mentioned above strictly.
  • Take care of our deadlines.
  • Don’t ever give us any plagiarized guest posts.
  • According to our direction, always be active to do edits on your given guest posts.
  • Don’t include too many links in your guest post.

Here comes the last thing the author Bio, Express yourself to the readers: –

  1. Your full name
  2. Your picture
  3. A short and good description about yourself (in 200 characters)
  4. Your social media profiles

Terms and Conditions: –

  • Our team of fitnessloud has the right to change your content according to our requirements and post it on our website.
  • Our team has the right to add any type of promotional link to your guest post for our website promotion.

Here is the process to submit your guest post: –

Submit your content via the given email in the word document.

We look forward to receiving your article. In case of any queries, feel free to Contact Us