Top 10 Health Benefits of Sleep – Number 5 will Surprise You


A good night’s sleep is exceptionally good to keep your mind and body sane. Sleep plays a very important role in good health and proper well-being of the body.

You can analyse the difference when you take a proper 7 to 8 hours of sleep, you feel energetic the whole day and your day becomes cheerful whereas when you don’t get enough sleep, your whole day becomes kind of blurry and you don’t feel like working.

Sleep helps to make your brain work properly. It helps in repairing your body and mind internally. When you get enough quality sleep at the right times help to improve your mental health, physical health, and quality of life.

Good quality sleep helps in working your brain properly. When you sleep, your brain is preparing you and your body for the next day. It re-energizes your mind to learn and remember new things. Sleep enhances your learning and problem-solving skills.

In teens and growing children, a good sleep helps in proper growth and development of body as well as brain.

Sleep deficiency can be very dangerous to your body. It compromises your health by causing several diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, anxiety and depression.

Lack of sleep leads to risk of injuries. When a driver falls asleep while driving, it can cause serious accidents which can lead to serious damage and death.

Apart from enough sleep, sleeping on time is also very important. There is an internal body clock that controls your sleep i.e., when to wake and when your body is ready to sleep.

This body clock has a 24 hours’ rhythm. This rhythm builds the pressure of sleep on your body every hour after you are awake. This pressure reaches its peak in the evening.

That’s why you feel sleepy at that time because your body is adjusted in that way.

Although a good sleep provides a number of benefits for our body as well as mind.

Here are top 10 Health Benefits of Sleep to Keep yourself Fit

Boost the Immune System

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Getting a good eight hours of sleep can improve your immune system. When your body is asleep, your immune cells are repaired, recovered and regenerated.

So, they become more powerful to fight off against the foreign materials. Better sleep quality helps in preventing infections. Some research shows that vaccines work well when you are asleep.

Weight Control

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Sleeping properly prevents your body from putting on extra weight. The two hormones in the body that control appetite are leptin and ghrelin.

Without proper sleep they go out of balance and lowers the resistance to ignore unhealthy food which results in overeating and gaining weight.

If you want to lose weight and are exercising regularly then never ignore an adequate amount of sleep on a regular basis.

Better Concentration

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It is proven that getting a good amount of sleep directly increases your concentration and ability to grasp any information. When your body is asleep, your mind is at work.

It is processing and strengthening your memories. you may have realized that you forget something or some work when you are exhausted and not sleeping properly.

Healthy Heart

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High blood pressure is one of the main reasons for heart disease. While you are asleep, your blood pressure slows down and regulates itself and your blood vessels get rest.

When you do not get enough sleep, a stress hormone cortisol is released by your body that causes your heart to work harder. In order to function properly, your heart needs a little rest.

Increasing the Performance of Exercises

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Getting a proper sleep can help you give your best performance. All athletes who are successful in their respective fields recommend a proper amount of sleep.

Your muscles get repaired when your body is at rest. Apart from this, when you sleep well, you get more energy, better mental functioning, faster speed and better stability.

Increases Productivity

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Working late at night has been a habit for most of the people nowadays. Not getting enough sleep can have an adverse effect on your work. Your concentration and energy get compromised by this.

A cup of coffee can sure keep you awake but your ability to work gets decreased. When you sleep properly, your brain works properly.

Stabilised Blood Sugar

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Sleep helps in regulation of metabolism. When you are in the deeper stage of your sleep, your blood sugar level drops. When you are not sleeping properly, your body isn’t getting time to respond to blood sugar which can lead to fluctuation in sugar level.

This can be dangerous to people having diabetes and can increase the risk in those who do not have it.

Prevent Depression

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A good sleep has a direct effect on your mental health. People with sleep disorders such as insomnia are more likely to suffer from depression. Depression can be very dangerous and people succumb to it.

Helps Prevent Injuries

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Sleep helps you to maintain physical balance. Most of the accidents on the road are mainly caused when the driver falls asleep.

When they do not get to sleep and drive for longer hours, a blink of an eye can cause a very serious accident risking the life of theirs as well as others.

Better Mood

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Sleep deprivation can lead to irritability and confusion. It is a proven fact that people who have a good amount of sleep are more lively and cheerful.

When you sleep, your body rests which increases your energy levels. Increased energy levels will keep you happy and you will not be annoyed by little problems.

Some Tips for Getting Good Sleep to Keep your Body Healthy

  • Maintain a proper routine for sleeping. Got to sleep and get up at the same time every day. This will help your body to maintain the body sleep-wake rhythm.
  • Avoid consumption of caffeine before going to bed. Instead, have a glass of warm milk.
  • Avoid large meals at night time. This can lead to indigestion and will keep you awake till late. Always try to take light food for dinner.
  • Taking a hot bath before sleeping will help your body relax and you will doze off more quickly.
  • Avoid reading or watching television in bed.
  • Avoid having naps in late afternoon.
  • Keep your bedroom quiet, dark and cool.


It is advised that a normal adult takes 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep to have a healthy and long life. If you think you have difficulty sleeping, consult a doctor immediately. People need more sleep in their growing age.

So, their body clocks are adjusted according to that. As you see new-borns sleep most of the time because it is necessary for their growth and development.

so never try to neglect a good sleep. After all, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

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