Top 10 Exercises for Glowing Skin


Apart from a healthy and fit body, another thing that we all want is glowing and clear skin naturally. Surely beauty products can make your skin glow but a natural glow comes from within. A fit and shaped body are surely eye-catching but when your skin glows naturally, you feel happy.

Layers of make-up can make your skin glow for some time but internally it only damages the skin. Hormonal changes and weak metabolism are other reasons for bad skin. Exercises and yoga increase the flow of blood in the body and also flushes out the toxins from our body making the skin healthy and glowing. Exercises are meant not only for a fit body but choosing specific exercises can help your skin be healthy and clear.

You do not need any extra equipment for doing these exercises. You can just sit and try these at home

Here are the top ten exercises that can help you to get glowing skin naturally

Breathing exercise

This is the simplest exercise. sit on the floor and keep your legs in a crisscross way. Keep your back straight and breathe in. Hold your breath for a few minutes and exhale. Do this exercise for five minutes regularly.

This exercise helps to increase the blood flow from the face and neck area. This results in the transport of oxygenated blood which gives your face healthy color and glows.

Kiss face

For doing this exercise you just have to do the movements of lips like you are giving away flying kisses. This exercise helps in strengthening the muscles around the face and prevents sagging.

Fish face

This is another exercise that helps in rushing the blood flow in your cheeks and makes them glow. Suck your cheeks inside just like the face of a fish. Keep your eyes open and be still in this position. When your eyes start to get watery, release the pose.

Cobra pose

This position reduces the stress and tension in your mind and calms you down. Lie down on your stomach. Then slowly with the help of your arms stretch and lift your upper body from the ground.

Keep your arms straight and be in this position for a few minutes. This exercise helps in providing the proper amount of oxygen to all the parts of the body and flushes out toxins.

Shoulder stand pose

This exercise is a bit difficult and needs practice. But this will not only give you glowing and healthy skin but also keeps your body healthy and posture straight. This exercise increases the blood circulation towards your face.

For doing this, lie on the floor and lift your legs in an upward direction while keeping your back straight. This must be done carefully as all the pressure is on shoulders and if you are not careful, you can get a sprain.

Wind-relieving pose

This exercise pose helps in digestion and bowel movements. This also helps in constipation and other stomach-related problems. Therefore, it cures acne, pimples and other skin problems and makes the skin clear and glowing.

For this exercise lie on a mat and fold your legs and bring them towards your face. For a few minutes, be still in this position.

Triangle poses

this exercise supplies more oxygen to the skin so it gets rejuvenated and refreshes. Thus, making the skin healthier and glowing. For doing this, stand in a position with one leg in front of another.

Bend down and touch your feet with one arm while another one is straight in the air. This exercise brings peace of mind and also keeps your thighs and legs slim.

Corpse pose

This is a yoga pose popularly called “Savasana”. You just lie on the mat, keep your eyes closed and relax your mind. You have to keep your mind away from everything and let go of any stress and tension that is troubling you.

After doing this you will have a calm mind and when your stress level is down, your skin gets healthier and glowing.

Forward-bend pose

This exercise increases the blood flow circulation towards the face therefore the face gets a good amount of blood flow and this results in a glowing face. For doing this, stand straight and then bend your body from your waist while your arms touch your feet.

Mountain poses

This is a simple standing exercise that focuses on deep breathing which is most important for healthy skin. When more oxygen in a controllable manner reaches the internal organs, this helps in releasing harmful toxins from the body and as a result, your skin becomes healthy and glowing. For doing this, stand up straight and do deep breathing.

How does exercise help in glowing skin?

Regular exercises increase the blood flow circulation in the body. So, the skin gets an enormous amount of oxygen. Due to this, skin gets essential nutrients that help in cleaning up acne and other problems and thus making the skin glow. When you exercise, an excess amount of sweating occurs due to which toxins get removed from the body and you get a natural glow on the skin.

Sweating also clears out the blocked pores and removes dead skin cells, chemicals and oils which in turn gives you beautiful glowing skin. During deep breathing, oxygen supply is increased in the body and thus skin gets a healthy glow. Acne and pimples are common skin problems which almost everybody suffers from.

They are caused by an excess amount of sebum which blocks the pores of the skin. certain hormones are responsible for the overproduction of sebum. Regular exercising lowers the amount of these hormones and gives you freedom from these.


By performing these exercises, you will not only remain fit and in perfect shape but you will also get healthy skin that glows from within. Then you don’t need to rely on make-up products to look beautiful. Apart from these exercises, you can massage your face daily to get glowing skin.

Regular massages increase the blood circulation in the face and give your cheeks a reddish look and your face a beautiful glow. Have a balanced diet and a good sleep. Drink plenty of water as it naturally detoxifies the skin. Avoid using make-up products and try using Ayurveda products.

Try to use homemade facial scrubs. In the end, everything will work only if you are happy from within. So don’t take stress or any tension and be calm to have a happy healthy body and life.

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