Strengthen and Broaden your shoulders with 8 best Shoulder Exercises


There isn’t any definition of an attractive body. But unknowingly we have made a criterion for attractiveness. That is a slender body, build up biceps, broadened shoulders. Apart from training core, arms, biceps, belly etc., there is another important part of our body that is shoulder. Shoulder is a strong and flexible joint that joins the arm from torso.

It is mainly responsible for joint movements in the body. it helps in rotating and moving upper arm. Having strong arms does not matter if you don’t have a stronger shoulder. Because it is the shoulder that bears the weight. We often say that all the responsibilities are on his or her shoulders.

This shows that may it be metaphorically or literally; a stronger shoulder is necessary. A healthy shoulder helps in moving arms in any direction, reach behind. If there is any injury in shoulders, it can lead to severe problems. So, it is important to workout on shoulders to make them mobile and strong and also helps in resistance against the injuries.

Before starting the workout, it is important to understand the anatomy of shoulders. Shoulder joint is a form of ball and socket joint. This allows the movement of shoulders in three different planes like side to side, front to back and rotational. Shoulder joints have a greater range of motion than other joints. So, it is not easy to keep the muscles stable while every movement.

That’s why shoulder exercises are a little bit complex than other exercises. Shoulders are made up of three points of attachments. The front deltoid, lateral and posterior deltoid. Front deltoid is responsible for internal rotation, lateral is for rotation the arms to your side and posterior deltoid helps in external rotation.

All three points of shoulder should be emphasized while exercising. Shoulder exercises does not require much equipment. Only a set of dumbbells can work. Before starting the workout engage in warm up and analyze the weight you can handle.

8 Best Shoulder Exercises for Strengthening your Shoulders are –

Dumbbells front raise

This is an easy and effective exercise that focus on front deltoid muscles. Stand and hold dumbbells in your hands. Move your arms straight in up and down motion up to your shoulder level in a controllable manner.

Dumbbells lateral raise

This exercise focus on posterior deltoid and upper back movements. This exercise is somewhat similar to the front raise. Only you have to move your arms up and down in sidewise direction. Raise your arms up to the shoulder degree.

Reverse fly

For doing this exercise, you have to bend a little in front. Hold the dumbbells and raise in up and out to your sides. Just like you are throwing it away in back. Do this carefully as you can get strain. This workout can help you in strengthening posterior deltoids. Also, it works on the muscles of upper back like trapezium and rhomboids.

Single arm dumbbell press

This exercise will power up your whole body as all the energy gets focused on one arm. For doing this, stand with dumbbell in one hand. Raise the dumbbell over your head while keeping the arms straight. Slightly bend your knees while raising the dumbbell. Bring back the dumbbell in previous position.

Shoulder external rotation

For this, hold a resistance band. Keep your elbows tight and move your palms away from each other. Move them back to the previous position. This exercise helps in developing shoulder stability and works on posterior deltoids. Make sure that you feel the movement in your shoulders.

Standing military press

This workout focuses on building frontal as well as posterior deltoids. Hold the dumbbells in each hand while standing. Lift them while straightening your arms. While doing this, move the dumbbells towards each other.

Overhead press

This exercise helps in stabilizing your shoulders. For doing this exercise, a resistance band is required. Stand in a position with one foot ahead of another and put one end of the resistance band under your back foot. Pull the resistance band in upward direction until your arms are fully stretched. After that return to the previous position.

Z- press

For this exercise, you have to sit in an upright position with legs straight in front of you. Hold the dumbbells in each arm and move them up and down while keeping your back straight. This is more challenging than overhead press.

After the workout, do some stretching to cool down. If you need, ice the shoulders or medication can help if you feel pain. If you face severe pain, consult the doctor immediately.

Benefits of shoulder exercises –

  • Gives strength to the muscles therefore providing the stability of joints. Thus, pain and discomfort caused due to arthritis can be reduced.
  • Regular exercise keeps the muscles and joints flexible. Therefore, increases the range of motion of shoulders.
  • Development of wider shoulders. Which is helpful in many sports and doing heavy work.
  • Helps in improving your posture while standing or doing some work.
  • Stronger shoulders help in preventing severe injuries.
  • With stronger shoulders lifting heavy weights is much easier.
  • Strong and broad shoulders give you an overall perfect appearance. Thus, increasing self-confidence.

Conclusion –

There are many more exercises for strengthening your shoulder. Lift the weight slowly and carefully. If you are a beginner, don’t try to do all of them in one go. Workout two or three times a week. Don’t get tempted by bodybuilding exercises and perfectly fit models. Apart from workout, consume a balanced diet. Include variety of exercises in your workout. Overall fitness is necessary. After starting the workout, you will feel pain for few days. But don’t give up. Be motivated and disciplined. You will get there.

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