Is It Okay to Take Protein Shake as Breakfast?


A protein shake is generally taken after the workout. The concern of consuming protein shake is that it helps to recover the muscles faster. Protein builds the muscles and repairs them.

But what is the right time to take a protein shake besides post-workout? Can we take protein shake as breakfast? What are the benefits and dangers of consuming protein shakes?

What precautions do we need to go through to consume protein shake as breakfast? And what is the best time to take a protein shake? let’s discuss this in detail.

Why Consume a Whey Protein Shake?

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You go to the gym perform the heavy exercise and break the muscles. These broken muscles need protein to repair themselves, grow faster, and become stronger.

Our various food sources lack protein, so we need to consume it from other sources, whey protein is the best way to complete your protein intake.

It digests in your body rapidly, and increases the blood level, and repairs the muscles.

Thus, muscles grow faster and become stronger. Whey proteins are in powder form and in liquid form when we consume it.

Here are The Following Benefits to Intake Protein Shakes as Breakfast

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If your intake a whey protein shake before you go to the gym, office, and college, you will stay fresh, energetic and calm throughout the day.

The protein shake is in liquid form which is easily digestible and a light food. That does not make you feel heavy.

  • Intaking protein shake fills up the protein requirements of the body, and it also fulfils the induline level. It draws other various nutrients from the food which we intake throughout the day and make us healthier.
  • Protein shakes are a protein rich supplement. And if you consume whey protein shake you will get the protein required for your body to repair the muscles and make you bigger.
  • Not only you can consume protein shake as breakfast but also after dinner, pre work out, and midday snack.


  • There is an acid called tryptophan in various protein sources that forces the body to produce serotonin. Healthy fat forces the body to absorb the tryptophan. So, when you eat a meal that contains both protein and healthy fat, you may feel lazy or sleepy.
  • If you avoid taking a meal and consume only protein shakes, you will lose many other nutrients. That may result in bad health problems. Protein shakes are not to replace the meal. It is just a supplement to provide your necessary protein intake that lacks in your food.
  • If you are suffering from a stomach problem or blood pressure problem, you should not consume a protein shake first thing in the morning.

Replacing Meals with The Protein Shake?

If you are thinking of replacing meals with a whey protein shake, it is a horrible idea.

Our body needs various nutrients not only protein. In order to complete the requirements of our body and stay fit and healthy, we must take a nutrient-rich and healthy diet.

The people who have replaced their meals with the protein shake and are getting good results, and on seeing them on social media you also think you should do that. You should also check properly because they are mostly sponsored.

If you really cannot digest food items and want to replace protein shake with the meal, you should make your own protein shake. This protein shake must contain all the nutrients such as vitamins, carbohydrates, fibres, and minerals.

If you can have a protein shake that is enriched in all these nutrients you may go for it. But consuming only protein shake is a horrible idea and may result in various kidney problems, blood problems, and stomach problem.

Best Time to Take a Protein Shake

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Fitness enthusiasts and experts are very diverted on this question.

But it is generally considered by most fitness experts that the best time to take the protein shake is 15-20 minutes after the workout.

You may consume protein shake as breakfast there are not any big side effects that may cause you a health problem.

Once you undergo the above topics and take care of them, you will understand how much protein shake you should consume as a breakfast.

Why We Should Avoid Whey Protein Shake as Breakfast?

As we have understood each side of consuming whey protein as breakfast and we see there is no bigger harm in taking whey protein shake as breakfast.

But the concern of intaking a protein shake as breakfast is that it is a rapid protein-rich food that is easily digestible because when it enters our body it increases the insulin level faster.

So, if we consume protein shake as breakfast, we increase our blood sugar level rapidly and after some time it goes down. While another food source for example chicken takes a long to digest.

So, if you need a high protein level and insulin level, we intake protein. But as breakfast, we should consume these rapid supplements and consume foods like chicken that stabilize your blood sugar level and keeps you stable combined with our fats and fibre.

So, try to avoid them when a protein shakes to ensure your blood sugar level as the first breakfast in the morning. Eat protein and various nutrients rich foods the first thing in the morning, and you will have long-lasting energy throughout the day.

Final Thought

We have undergone all the sides regarding taking protein shakes as a breakfast. And we have seen that if in taking protein shake as breakfast plays with your blood sugar level.

So, if you are not suffering from diabetes, blood problems, or stomach problems, you may consume a little bit of protein shake to keep yourself energetic throughout the day.

The amount of protein shake as breakfast must be half of the amount of protein as a post work out meal. If you follow the above-mentioned points, you may intake protein shake as a breakfast. Eat well to feel well.

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