How to Increase Efficiency in the Work or Study?


We live in a very aggressive world. We wake up in the morning if we are a student we go to college if we are an employee we go to the office. We spend time there and we come back home.

We all want to give our 100%. We seek motivation and try to perform better and better. But most of the time we are cheated by our mind. We soon realize that we were distracted by our minds but we can do nothing but regret it.

And this cycle goes on every day. We spend nights watching motivational videos on YouTube but still when it comes to performing, we fail to perform.

Why we Don’t Like to do Work?

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Actually, we have had a bad habit since childhood to do things unconsciously and it has become a permanent part of our lives. We are a fan of multitasking.

We eat food while using mobile phones or TV, and we have no idea what is the taste of food?

We walk on the road but our mind is somewhere else, we try to focus on work but our mind is ghosting around somewhere.

So, slowly It becomes our habit to live unconsciously and the difference between the body and the mind increases.

And as time passes the difference between the body and the mind is so far that it becomes very difficult to focus.

So, can we still control our minds and thoughts? Read the following paragraph.

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How Can we Improve our Performance at Workplace?

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If we do something with full consciousness we start to become better in that domain. Focus increases the quality of the work.

And in a world full of workers only skilled and quality one can be able to achieve the heights.

To perform better at the workplace or college we should try to present there with our full body and mind.

For example, if we are eating food, we should be enjoying every bit of the food. If we are walking on the road, we should try to feel the pressure on our feet and try to feel the natural breeze.

If we are at the workplace, we should do our tasks with full focus.

Mind Exercise to Improve Work Efficiency

Our mind tricks us there is no doubt about that. It will run every time and every time it will try to distract you but you do not have to show anger on it.

You cannot fight with your own mind. Every time it goes away every time you have to bring it back on the work joyously. As we all know practice makes perfect.

So, when you bring your mind to the work you win again the mind, and if it goes away again you do not have to be afraid, worried, angry, you will have to bring it back happily and start focusing on the work.

If you fight with your mind or show anger to your mind you will lose. Because you will still be distracting by the mind. You need to handle your mind with smartness.


How Meditation Helps to Increase Efficiency in the Work or Study

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Mediation does not mean closing your eyes and breathing slowly. Mediation is an exercise to control the mind and emotion.

So, the mind does not go for unnecessary things. In meditation, you need to sit down calmly, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, or any name, like for the ease Hindu saints chants their spells, Muslim saints chant their spells, Buddhist monks focus on breathing.

The whole concern of this exercise is to train our mind to focus on one object whether it is any name, breathing, OHM symbol, or god’s name.

How Can we Practice Meditation in Daily Life?

As we have read the idea of meditation is to train the mind. If we can control our minds we can focus on the work and increase the work quality.

If you are a student, it will be far beneficial for you to practice meditation to improve your performance.

Whatever you do, do it with full focus and consciousness. Living unconsciously is just living in vain.

Most people waste their entire life unconsciously and after they have nothing but to regret.

Meditation is not any different exercise whatever you do, do it with full focus unless it becomes meditation unto itself.

Final Thought

People generally think that meditation is a different exercise. If we practice meditation in the early morning, we won’t pass our day unconsciously.

This fact is completely incorrect. Practicing meditation increases your ability to control your mind so it does not go away again and again.

But you also need to focus on everything whatever you do. The practice to control the body and mind connects the mind to the body.

And thus, you can improve the quality and efficiency of the work. Meditation helps us to improve our ability to control the mind.

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