How strengthen your Arms? 10 Common exercises for the arms

how strengthen your arms

We all want to be fit and in perfect shape and while focusing on tummy fat and toned thighs, we forget that our arms also need attention. Maximum of our body fat gets accumulated in the arms. Arms need as much workout as any other part of the body. Too much fat on the arms makes it look unformed.

Mainly, the extra fat gets deposited in the upper part of the arm which is generally called bat wings. There are several reasons due to which you get flabby arms. One main reason is sugar consumption. We all love sweets, but too much of this can cause you problems.

Also, one of the reasons is aging. As you get older, the metabolic rate of the body gets slowed down and daily activity also gets reduced, so the excess fat gets stored in the arms. It is very important to always be active and try to indulge in activities that are related to the movement of arms.

Your daily household chores and games also work as an exercise for your arms such as cleaning the floor or playing badminton etc. These require stretching and movement of arms and thus helping in reducing fat from the area.

Anatomy of the arms

Before you start a workout, it is very important to know which muscles you are going to work on and which area consists of the maximum fat. The upper arm of the human body consists of four muscles. Three are on the frontal sides. They are called biceps brachii, brachialis, and coracobrachialis. In the backside, the muscle is the triceps brachii. Biceps and triceps are the most known muscles and are often referred to in general conversations.

Biceps Brachii

These muscles are responsible for the bending of the arm at the elbow and moving your arms to the front side of the body. The exercises that help in toning of biceps are dumbbell curls, bicep curls, and hammer curls.

Triceps Brachii

These muscles are responsible for keeping your arms straight at the elbow and moving them on the backside of the body. This is the area where most of the fat is accumulated. The ideal exercises for strengthening of biceps are push- ups, triceps dips, triceps kickbacks, and skull crushers.


These muscles help in the movement at the elbow. Ideal exercises for these muscles are dumbbell curls, biceps curls.

Tips to keep in mind for arm workouts

  • It is important to perform different exercises to provide stress on every muscle.
  • You should focus on both the upper and lower part of the arms to provide more strength, stretch-ability, and elasticity to the arms.
  • You should always keep an ideal posture while performing the workout.
  • Try to lift weights slowly and smoothly. Doing it fast can cause muscle injuries and pain.
  • Give your arms proper rest in between the workouts. Muscles take time to heal after a workout.
  • Focus on your grip. It can help in lifting bigger weights and thus getting stronger arms.

10 Common exercises for the arms

Arm rotation

This is a very simple exercise which anyone can do. Just stand and stretch your arms. Make a fist and start rotating in a clockwise motion and vice versa. Repeat this for few minutes. This also works as a warm-up. Practicing this exercise focuses on the biceps and shoulders and helps in getting toned arms.


Pushups are as helpful for reducing fats in arms as in any other part of the body. Lie down and rest your arms on the floor and lift your body.

Wall pushups

Stand facing against a wall and stretch your arms. Now push yourself away from the wall and then pull yourself near it with the help of arms. You don’t need any specific equipment for doing this exercise.

Biceps curls

This is done with the help of weights. Keep weight in each hand and bring them up slowly just with the help of your elbow. This will help in strengthening the arm muscles.

Hammer curls

Hold a dumbbell in each hand while standing. Now move your hands at the elbow and bring the dumbbells up. Keep your shoulders steady while this and slowly return dumbbells to the previous position.

Triceps dips

Hold a bench and with the help of your arms, pull your body from the ground.


As the name suggests, you have to hang on a rod and pull yourself up with the help of your arms over the chin. This requires great strength of the body and your arms get toned.

Weight lifting

This is the most common exercise for reducing arm fat and shaping them. You can either use dumbbells or if you don’t have any, you can use a bottle of water. Lift the dumbbells slowly and release them down.


This is a type of kickboxing exercise. This workout doesn’t require any equipment but requires form and strength. This is very effective in burning arm fat and gives strength to your arm muscles. Stand in a position of boxing with legs wide apart.

Move forward with your foot and simultaneously move your arms in a straight direction. Slowly return to the original position and repeat this for the opposite foot and arm.

Skull crushers or lying triceps extension

As the name suggests, you have to lie on a bench and move the weight up and down directly above your face.


Everyone indeed wants a perfect body and we are always being told that outer appearances don’t matter. But nowadays due to the growing technology, everyone is attracted towards having a muscular body. For having a fit body, you have to be determined and disciplined.

Never neglect a healthy eating habit and drinking lots of water. As we say you cannot gain without pain. This perfectly applies here. You have to bear the pain of achieving your goals. Stay positive and never let laziness come in between your hard work.

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