A Complete Guide to Exercising for Beginners

complete guide to exercising for beginners

One of the best things that you can do to your body is regular exercising. Regular exercising will not only benefit you physically but will help you in your overall well-being. However, if you are a beginner, incorporating exercise into your routine will be a difficult thing to do, as it requires a lot of determination and requires you to be disciplined.

So, if you plan to add exercise to your day-to-day routine and are confused, this article (a complete guide to exercising for beginners) is perfect for you.

Ps; – your half battle is won already; you have decided to exercise.

Why should you exercise?

As stated above, regular exercising will improve your health and help you achieve and maintain healthy body weight, help you keep the muscle mass, and reduce the risk of you contracting chronic diseases.
Moreover, as per researchers, exercise is known for lifting your mood, and help you in enhancing your mental health, help you in sleeping better, and also improve your physical intimacy. To sum it up, exercise is powerful and will help you in improving your life.

FITT principle of exercising
Exercise has some basic principles, and one of them is FIIT. FIIT will help you in manipulating your workout components.

FIIT is usually used to remember the variables used in exercising and help you modulate the ways to challenge your body.

  • F stands for frequency, that is, how much you exercise
  • I stand for intensity, that is, how hard is your exercise routine
  • T stands for time; that is how much time you exercise for
  • T stands for the type, that is that type of exercise you do.

So, if you are working out for a sufficient time, you will lose weight/ see the importance in your body with sufficient intensity and frequency. As stated, the improvement includes:

  • Change in weight
  • A difference in body fat percentage.
  • An increase in cardio endurance and strength.

Once you notice that you have reached a plateau and your body gets used to the current FITT levels, you can manipulate the FIIT levels and then work out.

Now, let’s look at the types of exercises

You have read the FITT principle above, and it has provided you with a broad spectrum of exercising. But to get fit, you have to follow three significant components: flexibility, strength training, and cardio.
Suppose you have added these three into your exercise routine. In that case, you will be able to exercise in a balanced manner and will be able to build endurance, flexibility, stability at the same time. Now let us understand some workout routines.

First up is Cardio
A form of exercise that is performed rhythmically continuously is cardio. Cardio includes exercise like dancing, swimming, aerobics, walking, running etc.

Cardio is known for strengthening the lungs and hearts and increasing the endurance and burning of calories. Though sticking to a cardio program that works well with your fitness program is a good idea, you should follow those programs to help you attain your goals.

For example:
To lose weight, one should work out (cardio) for about 60 to 90 days. If you plan to gain weight, you should perform cardio for 30 minutes, five days a week.

Second up is strength training.

Strength training is an entirely different ball game and works differently than cardio does. But strengthening is significant for weight loss and taking good care of your health. With the help of strength training, you can strengthen your muscles, bones, connective tissues. Strengthening exercise involves lifting weight like dumbbells, resistance bands, machines, barbells etc.

With the help of strength training, one can build lean muscle tissue, and lean muscle tissue will help reduce the body weight and allow you to manage your weight. If you can’t lift all this, you can start by doing strengthening exercises like planks, squats, pushups etc.

Lastly Flexibility

One thing that is overlooked the most during the exercise regime is stretching. Stretching is what keeps us going once we get older. Unlike the other two, stretching relaxes you and makes you feel good. The best part about stretching is that you can do it any time of the day. But, most importantly needs to be done after your workout is completed. Do stretching exercises after your body is warm, which can be done after warm-up or before you start your workout.

Last but not least, the process of resting and recovering

Once we start exercising, we completely forget about resting and recovering. Both of these are very important for losing weight and reaching your goals. Cardio is an exercise that can be done daily; taking a day of rest between strength training is very important; this will allow your body to rest and recover.
Let us take a look at the benefits of exercising.

Exercising can do amazing things to your body both mentally and physically, which is why reminding yourself as to why you are doing it is a perfect way as you advance; it not only motivates you but also works as a commitment so that you can wake up and move around every day.

The best part about exercising is that you don’t need to do many things to reap the benefits; even 30 minutes of your day can help improve your overall well-being and health. But let us understand the benefits of exercising.

  • It will help in reducing stress
  • Allow you to move more since more energy
  • Works on boosting your mood
  • It increases your bone density
  • It helps in boosting your mood
  • Allows you to sleep better
  • Works in improving your confidence
  • It helps in reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Strengthen the heart and lungs
  • Works on reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression

Now one thing that a lot of people lack when it comes to exercising is motivation. Let’s see how you can find motivation.

Motivation is something that just doesn’t happen just like that, it something that you should work upon daily, and once you do, you will have thousands of reasons to get up and exercise. And as stated above, the most challenging part of exercising is starting. If you have done that, you have won half of the battle, and the other half of it will be done once you have completed your exercising routine.

As far as motivation is concerned, take a look at these factors that might help you get motivated.

  • Working out is the necessary step for reaching your goal
  • Once you have done working out, you will feel excellent
  • You will have ample amount of energy after working out, and you will be able to achieve a lot of things
  • You will be able to shed those extra pounds
  • You can also reward yourself after a good workout
  • Think of the reason why you want to achieve this goal
  • Exercising is the best form of me-time
  • You will be able to keep diseases and illness at bay
  • Think about that dress or the piece of clothing you want to fit into.

To conclude it all, exercise is one present that you can give yourself every day, and it will refresh you and improve you as a person and your health. You will be a happier and a healthier person just because you have invested 1 hour for yourself.

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