10 best Yoga Poses for Inner Peace and Strength


Yoga is a practice that originated in India. It is a set of practices that work towards the physical, mental and spiritual state of a person. Yoga practices not only keep a person fit and healthy but also give peace of mind.

There are a variety of yoga practices such as breathing exercises, meditation, asana and yoga poses that give a better functioning of the body, reduce stress and improve the functioning of lungs. Certain yoga asana increase the blood circulation in the body and give a healthy body and beautiful skin.

Nowadays everyone’s lifestyle is hectic. They are busy day and night and life is full of stress and tension. Due to this, sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, increased blood pressure arises which in the result is the reason for many diseases.

Yoga can reduce the stress level in a person and makes the mind strong and confident and thus prepares a person to face any difficulties in life calmly.

Yoga improves the immunity of the body. There is a specific yoga posture focusing on every part of the body. Deep breathing and meditation are very helpful in relieving stress and gives you mental peace and when your mind is healthy your body gets healthier too.

Here are some of the yoga poses that can be practiced to keep your mind calm and give you inner strength –


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This is a simple relaxing yoga asana that relaxes you. Sit straight and keep one leg on top of the other. Close your eyes and relax your mind. While doing this do not think of any other thing and focus on a point.

When you are done, you will feel calm and relaxed. Also, you can bend forward while sitting which will increase the exhalation and will give better breathing.

Prasarita Padottanasana

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This is another form of yoga in which you have to stand with your legs while bending forward. Stand with your legs apart and then bend your body forward from your hips while exhaling.

Place your hands on the floor and keep your head in such a position that it touches the floor. This yogasana is meant to release pressure in the head. After performing this, you will feel light-headed.


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This is similar to the previous yogasana. In this, you have to bend from your waist while keeping the arms behind the back in the air. Forward bend increases the exhalation process. Helps to relieve stress and releases shoulder tension.


Also known as rabbit pose. This asana is very helpful if you are dealing with stress, depression, or feeling exhausted. Get down on your knees while keeping your arms behind your back.

Keep your head down. Lift and lower your hips and avoid head pressure. Maintain the rhythm of breathing.


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This asana is very popular and can calm your mind in minutes. Lie down while keeping your legs straight. Keep arms on your sides. Close your eyes and relax. Focus on a point in your mind. There is a variation of this asana if you want to try.

Keep one block behind your head and place another block in a manner that it is resting on your head. The gentle touch and scrub of the block will give you the amount of relaxation you cannot imagine.

It also calms your nervous system and releases any pressure in your head.

Makara adho mukha svanasana

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Also called a forearm plank. This asana builds the strength of the core. You just have to be in the plank position. You will feel the heat on a physical level because this works on your fire center.

This asana activates your solar plexus chakra which is the main center of building up determination and confidence.

Virabhadrasana 2

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This asana increases the stamina of the body. Helps in strengthening and stretching the ankles and legs. It increases the strength, stability of the body and enhances the concentration of the mind.

Stand with your legs wide apart and spread your hands in the air just like you are flying. Inhale and exhale while doing this.

Virabhadrasana 3

This is similar to the previous asana. You just have to stretch your one leg behind your back in the air. While doing this exhale and inhale and focus on a particular point. Keep your breath steady and you will feel the strength inside your body.

Ardha chandrasana

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this asana is very helpful in strengthening the arms, hips, thighs and spine. Helps to relieve stress. Improves digestion and sense of balance. Stand and keep your right heel and right hand on the floor.

Slowly lift your left leg parallel to the floor and left arm up keeping parallel to the right arm. Stay in this position for 30 seconds or 1 minute whichever you are comfortable with.


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This asana gives strength to things and also boosts up confidence. Stand and lift your arms above your head while inhaling. Bend your knees a little as you exhale. For a few seconds, hold this position.

This will increase your breathing capacity and provide flexibility to your shoulders and arms. This will also improve your posture and inner strength.

How yoga helps in relieving stress?

Here are some ways in which yoga helps reduce stress and give mental peace –


Yoga certainly relaxes the physical body and reduces mental stress. Various bending and inversion postures are very effective for calming the whole system.


Yoga asana help in better breathing. When we are under stress, we breathe more heavily which causes anxiety and panic attacks. Yoga helps the whole lung system to breathe more effectively and transport oxygen to the whole body and calm you down.

Maintaining focus

When you have a lot of work or you are unable to concentrate on anything. One thing leads to another and we start overthinking. A yoga session will help your mind to focus. This helps in forgetting all the tensions connecting with our mind and body with happy thoughts.


Performing yoga every day will bring a big change in your life. You will be stronger, confident and happy. The real energy for the mind and body comes from within. Yoga helps to connect you with that inner energy source.

This will help to increase the strength of your body and also decrease your stress level. When you meditate, you forget all the problems and you just focus on your breathing. This results in a fresh mind which is ready to tackle new problems.

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